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Northeast Clean Energy Initiative Annual Meeting

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 09:00 - 16:00
Other Overview:


Meet other Members of the CHP Comunity
Plant and Facility Managers
Utility Representatives

8:30- 9:30     Registration and Breakfast

9:30-9:40      Opening Remarks - David Yanni, NECHPI Vice Chairperson

9:40-10:00    Keynote Address - Mark Sylvia, Massachusetts DOER Commissioner

10:00-10:45  Resilient CHP Panel - Joe Camean, van Zelm Heywood & Shadford, Inc. - Sergej Mahnovski, NYC Office of Long Term Planning - Joseph McGee, CT's Two Storm Panel- Steve Fairfax, MTechnology

10:45-11:00  Break

11:00-11:45  National CHP Panel - Bruce Hedman, ICF International - Dale Louda, USCHPA - Katrina Pielli, US DOE

11:45-1:00    Lunch & Regional Project Champion Case Study

1:00-1:45      CHP Financing - Tom Bourgeouis, NECEAC - Frederic LeCao, Greenwood Energy - Andrew Pines, Healthcare Finance Group at Citi

1:45-2:30      Northeast Regional CHP Panel - John Ballam, MA DOER - Dana Levy, NYSERDA - TBD, CT DEEP

2:30-2:45      Closing Remarks

2:45-4:00      Tour


See Above

Registration must be done before Thu, 2013-03-21 16:00
Advance registration is required!
Cancelations made LESS than 5 days in advance are not refundable.
Payment can be made by credit online or by check.
Checks will be accepted at the door.
Make checks payable to: University of Massachusetts-Amherst and send payment to: